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ASE CertifiedMost have heard or know the story. John and I met in 1994 when I moved from Louisiana to Texas (chasing my VW dream). I got a job at V-Dub Folks in Irving and soon after met 16 year old John Dodson (I was 21) at the time, it was just a casual VW friendship. We talked Volkswagens, racing and Mustangs for the next 6 years. In 2001 I started a new job at Park Cities Volkswagen where John was working. From that moment on we were inseparable. Early on we talked about owning a shop together some day and many times it was just talk. In the next 15 years everything that can happen in ones life did. We truly have both and at times together been through it all. In 2014 we decide to get serious about a business, both at the top of our perspective games, good jobs, good pay and working for good people. John went first, working out of his garage while we worked on securing a building and growing clientele. It has been the most challenging and rewarding experience thus far.

I was told to “Begin with the end in mind”. We are no where near the end, we are just getting started. Thanks to all those that have worked with and for us, and those that currently still do!! We look forward to many new experience, people and jobs along the way!!

Thank you all!!
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