Would you know it if your brake pads or rotors were in need of replacement? Don’t just rely on the warning lights in your vehicle. Learn to identify brake problems with your car so you can take it to a mechanic before you really have to take it in.

Looking For Brake Repair in Denton, TX?

You’re driving along and you hit the brakes. What happens? If your pads and rotors are in proper condition, you’ll come to a smooth, predictable stop without any unusual sounds or shaking. But if any of the following things happen, you might have a problem with your brake pads or rotors.

When you brake, there’s a strange soundYou might hear squealing, whining, or grinding, indicating that your brake pads have worn thin. The sound isn’t pleasant, but it’s an easy way to tell that it’s time to take your vehicle in.

Your car takes longer to stop than it should. You expect your car to stop when you hit the brakes. If it’s taking longer than it should, it’s time to replace the pads and rotors.

Your car pulls to one side when you ease on the brakes. You’re coming up to a red light and move your foot to the brake pedal. If your car pulls to one side, you might be tempted to blame your alignment, but vehicle pulling can actually indicate a problem with your brake pads.

Car maintenance might not be a fun expense, but maintaining your vehicle properly will help keep it in good condition. Regular service is good for your wallet and your peace of mind in the long run. Of course, if warning lights are illuminated in your vehicle, it’s important to pay attention to them and take your car to a mechanic you trust. But being aware of the signs your vehicle is giving you can help you to identify small problems before they become bigger problems.