If your vehicle’s heater gives out, you could really be in hot water, literally! Not only is the heater system responsible for keeping your passenger compartment comfortable during the Winter months and cooler mornings, it is also responsible for containing and moving the coolant that keeps your engine from overheating. If the heating system develops a leak or gets plugged up, it could leave you and your vehicle stranded on the road.

Don't Neglect Your Vehicle's Heater

The heating system is very important to the overall engine cooling system. Engine coolant is pumped from the vehicle’s water pump through a series of hoses to a small radiator inside the dash called a heater core. A blower fan is mounted next to this heater core and is controlled by a switch on the dash. When the blower is turned on, it blows air across the heater core, and that air gets warmer due to the hot coolant inside the core. The air then blows out of the vents, and heats up your passenger compartment. Also inside the dash are several doors that direct the hot air where to go inside the passenger compartment.

If the heating system were to develop a coolant leak, your engine could overheat from a loss of coolant or from air getting into the cooling system. The heater core itself has very small coolant passages inside. So if your vehicle’s cooling system hasn’t been serviced or flushed in a long time, debris and deposits can develop inside the core causing a restriction. This can also cause the engine to overheat due to the coolant not flowing properly. Your vehicle’s cooling system should be flushed often as a regular maintenance item.

If you feel your heater isn’t putting out enough heat or you notice a coolant leak inside or outside of your vehicle, your vehicle’s heating system may need repair. Please contact Anything Automotive to schedule an appointment so we can check it out.