Once the temperature gets closer to freezing, the worse things seem. Changing a flat tire is unpleasant in the summer but completely miserable in the winter. Winter also means the days are getting dark too quickly in the late afternoon, and that makes driving home more dangerous. But cold weather doesn’t just routine tasks worse. It can also make problems more likely to occur in the first place. With auto maintenance and remembering these two things to watch out for your winter will be a breeze:

The Top 2 Things Cold Temperatures Will Do to Your Car

1. Your tire’s air pressure is going to go down during the winter.

Cold temperatures make the air trapped in your tires contract. It won’t be severe, but your tires will look a bit flatter than usual every time the temperature dips down. Even though it doesn’t look like it will be a problem, slightly empty tires cause problems. They can’t grab onto the road as well, and this is the season when you need traction the most. They’re also more likely to develop wear that lands you with a completely flat tire. Find a free air pump at a local gas station or keep a miniature air compressor in your car.

2. The battery won’t be as reliable.

Cold weather is hard on batteries. This is bad news because you’re going to be relying on your car battery a lot. Lots of people remote start their car in the mornings to start up the heater before they leave the house. While that should be fine, it could be too big of a strain on an older battery that’s already struggling with the temperature. If you’ve noticed that the interior lights in your car are a bit dim, take in your battery to get it checked.

The roads are already dangerous from occasional bits of black ice or sparse lighting. Make sure your car is safe and reliable by taking it to Anything Automotive for a checkup or to test your battery.